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mahalaxmi yatra

Mahalaxmi yatra

Mahalaxmi yatra

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Dahanu darshan

मोठ्या नकाशात Dahanu darshan [ Tribal tourism] पहा

please suggest your ideas

hi friends....
nice to see you here,....
welcoem to this blog,
as you know ae are starting from scratch, this is first step, so it is just roughj idea,...
your innovative ideas are expected to creat our blog attractive, so we canattarct more peoples & have cood communication between all...
keep in mind our aim is to..
1. update latest news or trends to blog.
2. post history about place/topic
3. have communication between our members
4. attractive look
5. guidence for new commers.
so please suggest some ides to improve our blog
dahanu calling!!!

India's global art, proudly Tribal art!

Dahanu darshan

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dahanu's mahalaxmi

AYUSH - warli artsists at "adishilp - 2009" @hyderabad