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mahalaxmi yatra

Mahalaxmi yatra

Mahalaxmi yatra

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Dahanu darshan

मोठ्या नकाशात Dahanu darshan [ Tribal tourism] पहा

Outdoors : in dahanu

Outdoors :For the sport enthusiasts, Dahanu could be a within reach ideal camping destination. Trekking and Venturing out into the surrounding mountains of Bahrot (1,760 ft), Mahalaxmi (1,540 ft), Gambhirgad (2,270 ft) and Asherigad (1,680 ft) could prove a paradise for trekkers. Though there is no professional trekker's club here, it would not be difficult to find some one to accompany you, if you ask for!

India's global art, proudly Tribal art!

Dahanu darshan

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dahanu's mahalaxmi

AYUSH - warli artsists at "adishilp - 2009" @hyderabad