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mahalaxmi yatra

Mahalaxmi yatra

Mahalaxmi yatra

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Dahanu darshan

मोठ्या नकाशात Dahanu darshan [ Tribal tourism] पहा

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Thank you for visiting http://dahanudrashan.blogspot.com/ This is one of the premiere place that is totally dedicated to tourism near dahanu area. The vital motto of this blog is to provide a genuine information about the known and unknown places near the Dahanu (rural thane).

Here, we have covered many places that includes various temples, picnic spots, hill-stations and forts. Shortly, we will be providing the information about various picnic spots nearby. there might be some places left which are equally beautiful and worth to visit. This may include a particular temple or fort you have visited, a picnic spot you enjoyed or a hill station whose remembrance only gives you a marvelous feelings. You may like to share your experience with the world. Or you may like to provide the information about your private holiday resort. Here is a chance for you to add your dream place and share the experiences and moments where your feelings are associated.

What you have to do is just to provide a brief write-up about the places, a way to reach the destination and the social and historical importance of the place. If possible, send us the photographs of the place. If the information you provide is really worth to add, then we will definitely add your dream place in http://dahanudrashan.blogspot.com/ featuring your name.

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Dahanu darshan

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